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Just about wherever you find man and his settlements, you’ll find rats and mice. Man provides buildings for shelter and nesting and, of course, an endless supply of food.
Most rodents will not travel more than 50m from their nest and living place. Their ability to rapidly reproduce when conditions are satisfactory can lead to major plagues. Winter will often result in rodents coming indoors where it’s warmer. We are always battling to rid our houses, factories, restaurants, warehouses, food storage areas, etc from rats and mice.
Trapping is very ineffectual, inefficient, messy and unpleasant. Poisoning is increasingly frowned upon by many health and environmentally conscious people. Poisoning will always present a danger to pets, usually dogs, and young children. Obviously poison can never be placed where food is kept, which is where rodents want to be.
Using our ultrasonic (very high frequency) rodent repellers, rats and mice will leave the immediate area completely and find a new residence elsewhere. If rats or mice have young in a nest and a good food source is at hand, it may take a week to 10 days for them to permanently move out.
Rats can hear frequencies up to 50,000hz, mice up to 55,000 hz and they cannot tolerate the variable (changing) frequencies constantly bombarding their highly sensitive hearing. Humans hear only up to 20,000hz, dogs 25,000, cats 26,500, birds down around 10,000 hertz.
Some ultrasonic and transonic machines may be used on rodents without bothering domestic pets, although pets should always have the option to leave the immediate area if they so desire.
Mouse ControlBird Gard’s CEX is designed specifically to repel animals such as mice, rats, possums, rabbits and wallabies from houses, aviaries, food stores, warehouses and gardens. This device is a permanent solution to a rodent problem. They will not kill rodents, they will simply force them to leave the immediate area and never return. It emits a range of sound frequencies from sonic (which people can hear) right up to ultrasonic (which the pests hear but humans can’t).
The device has a series of settings depending on the pests being controlled. Larger animals such as possums, rabbits or wallabies are better controlled using a Medium or Loud setting which emits both types of frequencies (transonic).The unit,when set on ultrasonic, placed in the ceiling will have no influence outside the confines of the ceiling as ultrasonics will not pass through solid objects such as walls etc.
For yet another device designed specifically to repel animals such as mice, rats, possums, rabbits and wallabies see the VerminX.
Our products are not like other products which claim “electro-magnetic force fields”, or whatever, which in our opinion simply don’t work, or other ultrasonic systems which are mostly made in China and do not use a variable constantly changing pitch which our products do have, and which makes them vastly more effective.


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