Swallow Control (Hirundo neoxena)

Swallows, or specifically the Welcome Swallow (Hirundo neoxena), range over most of Australia except the Northern Territory and the far north west of Australia. Swallows live on insects mostly caught on the wing, and will often be seen flying low over water. They build mud nests usually on a vertical surface, such as in and on buildings, caves, cliffs, bridges, or tunnels etc. They usually breed from August to December. Three to four eggs is normal but can be up to five or six.

The average person will describe a Swallow as a small swift bird with a ‘v’ shaped tale, a black back and wings, white front and a patch of brown or red (actually rust) on their chest or face.

Swallows are a problem when they roost or build their nests in buildings or other structures and their droppings cause a health hazard or simply a mess to be constantly cleaned up. It is surprising to see how much mess can be created by just 4 Swallows.

Bird Gard has numerous products to repel birds in different circumstances.

Ultrasonic frequencies produced by the Ultrasonic Swallow Repeller and the Ultrasonic Swallow Deterrent are highly effective on Swallows but are inconsistent on other birds. A high level of control can be obtained indoors, and more so inside metal structures. However, out in the open the effective range is reduced as ultrasonic frequencies dissipate quickly.

Audible devices such as the Swallow Repeller and the Pro Plus X emit actual bird sounds that repel Swallows. We often use these product around rural homes, commercial structures and farm machinery sheds.

The Bird Gard Laser used on their own or in conjunction with the Ultrasonic Swallow Repeller, is a non-harmful hand held device that is also effective on Swallows. If you have Swallows in a under building or under ground carpark, the Bird Gard Laser is the only product we will recommend.

If you have a Swallow problem inside a industrial or commercial building contact Bird Gard to discuss our anti Swallow system on 07 54436344.


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