Pigeon Control (columba livia)

Descended from the wild rock pigeon of the northern hemisphere, these introduced birds are found in virtually every town and city in Australia and New Zealand.
They have retained the cliff-dwelling, ledge nesting habits of their wild ancestors. They’ll nest at any time of year but principally in summer.
Their ledge nesting habit has caused great consternation to many civic authorities due to the mess they create with their droppings. Pigeon droppings on roofs of houses that use rainwater tanks don’t exactly improve the water quality.
Pigeons will roost and nest inside buildings and can cause a considerable problem with their droppings falling on walking areas and product. This can also create significant workplace health and safety issues.
Due to the pigeon’s historic close association with man, there is very little in the way of noise/sound that we can use that will cause them any bother. They’ll happily nest in a train tunnel with all the associated noise to be found there.
We’ve found the best way to control pigeons is with the use of the highly effective Ultrasonic Pigeon Repeller which utilises Ultra-Sonics, Bio-Acoustics ( distress and predator calls ) and Bird Gards unique harassment sounds. When used in conjunction with the Bird Gard Kite or the Bird Lite Strobe, it is more effective at Pigeon control than any previous device anywhere.
If you are prepared to put in some man hours the Bird Gard Laser is the quickest, easiest and most cost effective way to remove pigeons from a large area. It is non -harmful and completely eco-friendly.
The Bird Gard Laser is a hand held laser gun, powered by a 9 volt battery, which you turn on and point at the birds or in the area immediately around them and they’ll take off. Range is up to 600meters but obviously this is more than required in most commercial or industrial situations. Whilst the laser needs low light conditions to operate effectively the light levels inside buildings are adequate for effective use of lasers. Once Pigeons have been chased out with the Laser for several days in succession ( more so if backed up with the Ultra-sonic Pigeon Repeller ) they will find another area to roost in and cease returning.
Obviously from time to time as new birds discover the area new applications of the laser may be required. Using the laser is a simple, silent, exercise which takes only moments to perform. For more details click here Bird Gard Laser.


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