Wood Duck Control (Anthochaera carunculata)

Wood ducks are found throughout all of the eastern and western coasts of Australia, the wood duck is a common sight to most rural people. It is not found in the dry interior or Northern Territory.
Although a swimmer, the wood duck is usually found grazing on land. It prefers lightly timbered country near water. It has benefited greatly from small acreage blocks each with a dam and grazing.
Wood ducks are less nomadic than most other species and will remain at the same camp, flying out to feed on green grass shoots and herbage, in the same area until the food is exhausted. Then they’ll move to a new feeding area.
Wood ducks can be a major pest in rice fields, lucerne, young cereal and vegetable crops. They normally are only a pest while the crop is young, short and succulent.
As with most water birds, wood ducks can be stubborn and the usual harassment sounds are often not adequate.
Our the newly developed device, the Super Pro X is a superior unit using all the sounds in our marine bird distress call repertoire played at random and varying speeds. We recommend the use of of the Bird Gard Kite alongside the Super Pro X for best results.
The other highly successful device is the Bird Gard Laser. This a hand- held laser device with a range of up to 600m is an instant success on wood ducks in low-light conditions (late afternoons to early morning). For control over large areas such as vegetables, fodder and grain crops, it is highly recommended that the Super Pro X and the Bird Gard Laser are used in conjunction with each other.


2 thoughts on “Wood Duck Control (Anthochaera carunculata)

  • I maintain a swimming pool in Sydney of 25M X 5M in size. Due to its proximity to the harbour, we are visited by varying number of ducks who mess around the edges. if I install your unit on the adjoining pump room, how will your unit distinguish between pool users and the ducks?

    • Hi Kevin
      None of the Bird Gard devices can distinguish ducks from people, what they do is randomly emit during the time the device is programmed to operate.
      The Duck devices emit loud sounds to be effective and this may or may not be suitable in your location.
      We normally use the Eagle Kite to repel Ducks from pools but this is something that is best discussed so please do give us a call when you can.


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