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Possums, mosquitos and a growing instance of ulcers

Once again, the innocent-looking possum is the prime suspect: In the past five years, instances of a...

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Beautiful Roses Saved by Bird Gard Possum Deterrent!

Customer Testimonial:  Cathy Wynne I purchased two Possum Deterrent units to prevent my rose from ...

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Electronic Pest Control Products

Australia's #1 electronic pest control website selling effective, humane pest control products. All Bird Gard products have been tested and guaranteed to effectively control Australian pests. Bird Gard has over 25 years experience in developing electronic pest control systems for Australian pests.

Bird Gard products have proven effctive for pest control in canberra, gold coast, perth, brisbane, sydney to name a few. What ever your pest in Australia we have the safe, humane product for you. If you have any questions or want to discuss your specific pest problem then don't hesitate to contact us.

Battery Snake & Rat Deterrent


Although snakes rarely lie in wait for people and mostly try to escape contact, certain situation..

Animal Netting


Many “professional pests” are non-native species such as wild foxes, pigs, rabbits, mice, goats, ..

AVA Sonic Fence

  The AVA Sonic Fence emits the oldest sound in Bird Gard's bird control arsenal. This s..

Based on 5 reviews.

Bird & Bat Control (BBC)

The Bird & Bat Control (BBC) is best known as a starling repeller. It does an excellent job i..

Based on 8 reviews.

Bird Gard Kite

Our Bird Gard Kite is a Bird of Prey Kite or a Raptor Kite. It is an actual Kite that is a very l..

Based on 17 reviews.

Bird Gard Laser Gun

The Bird Gard Laser is a hand-held anually operated Bird Laser deterrent that has been specifical..

Based on 45 reviews.

Bird Netting

Birds can present a multitude of problems for both city and rural dwellers. Along with destroying..

Bird Repellent Eyes


The amazing Bird Repellent Eyes have proven to be successful at repelling Crows, Indian Mynas, Pi..

Based on 25 reviews.

Bird Repellent Gel - Currently Unavailable

The Bird Repellent Gel is a non-toxic, non harmful bird gel that is easy to apply.  It is ..

Based on 145 reviews.

Bird Scarer


It's summer and you’ve worked hard to cultivate your garden.  Now it’s blooming with trees a..

Based on 26 reviews.

Bird Spikes - Polycarbonate


These bird spikes are an innovative roosting deterrent product. They're also cheaper than stainle..

Based on 19 reviews.

Bird X 20 - Sonic Fence

Bird X 20 - Sonic Fence is is one of the most powerful Electronic Bird Deterrent Systems availabl..

Based on 6 reviews.

Bird-X QB4 Quadblaster


Regardless of the type of business, things can quickly “go to seed” once birds invade your worksp..

Crop Gard - Crop Protection

The Crop Gard is the first of a new series of bird repelling sound units which use a combination ..

Based on 6 reviews.

Crow Repeller


"Cwark, Cwark, Arrrgh, Arrrgh". If you know what that sound is you are reading the right page. Te..

Eagle Kite - Bird Scarer

Is it an Eagle or a kite? It looks so real, its hard to tell, maybe that's why it works so we..

Based on 52 reviews.

Electronic Moth Repeller


The MR-50 Electronic Moth Repeller is a safe, silent and effective device designed to protect foo..

Based on 23 reviews.

Electronic Mouse & Bat Repeller


The Mouse and Bat Repeller uses 1, 2 or 4 external weatherproof speakers all with 30 metres of ca..

Based on 4 reviews.

Electronic Scarecrow

The Electronic Scarecrow sound was itroduced in 1996. It's an intrusive high pitched siren type s..

Based on 10 reviews.

Hand Held Dog Repeller


While one would prefer to think of dogs as man’s – and woman’s -- best friend, each year more tha..

Holographic Tape for Repelling Birds


Holographic Tape is a silent, inexpensive product to repel birds. Each role is 30 metre..

Based on 15 reviews.

L100 Portable Bird Repeller

The L100 Portable Bird Repeller is a lightweight, portable acoustic pest control system. You ..

Mobile Multi-Blaster - Bird Control

Multi-Blaster, is a 4 way speaker system. It's run by 2 sound generators, thereby outputting 2 di..

Based on 6 reviews.

Pigeon Deterrent


The new Pigeon Deterrent is the most effective Pigeon repeller on the market and now comes with a..

Based on 29 reviews.

Possum Deterrent

$275.00 $205.00

The original Possum Deterrent with advanced ultrasonics, light & motion sens..

Based on 563 reviews.