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Possum Deterrent

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This Product Repels: Possums, Rats, Mice, Dogs, Cats, Wallabies

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Bird Gard Possum Deterrent reviews

The original Possum Deterrent with advanced ultrasonics, light & motion sensors. The Possum Repeller operates on a constant mode and has a built-in motion sensor that activates the Possum Deterrent when possums move into its infrared coverage zone. The Possum Repeller is easy to use, setup and maintain. We are always at the end of a phone or email to help you with any setup and best practice questions you may have.  

Before ordering online consider where is your power point. The 240 adaptor is not weatherproof and should be installed undercover.  Do you need a 10m or 20m 9 volt extension cord? They are safer than a household extension cord.

Also consider a tube of Bird Repellent Gel. It enhances the effectiveness and we use it on top of fences, walls and roof tops etc, see the Bird Repellent Gel page. 

Be careful of cheaper (fake) copies, see bottom of this page.

Our ultrasonic Possum Deterrent is effective against:

Possums, rats, mice, cats, wallabies and some dogs & birds without harming them.

  • 90 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Extra Mile Support & Advice
  • Most Advanced Ultrasonic Possum Deterrent on the Market
  • Infrared Motion Sensor
  • Adjustable Frequency
  • Weather Resistant
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Easy to Install
  • Light sensor to save on electricity
  • Multiple power sources

Bird Gard vs. Strayban


Bird Gard Possum Deterrent


Price Limited time offer: $224.95 (inc. Shipping & Tax) $275.00
Shipping Shipped by express post or courier within one business day Shipped by express post within one business day
Warranty 12 month warranty 12 month warranty
Money back guarantee  
(freight not included)
(freight not included)
Range 14 (metres in front) 10 (metres in front)
Technology Two settings automatically oscillating ultrasonic frequencies, or manually adjustable. The Strayban only has rotating ultrasonic frequency (non-adjustable)
Motion Sensor Infrared motion sensor range 14m - 60º vertical 110º horizontal                                    
Optional Alarm Optional alarm noise to repel intruders or other pests                                    
Light Sensor Yes, for day only, night only or 24 hour operation (saves on electricity)                                    
Weather Resistant    
Modes Intermittent mode , constant sweep mode or sensor mode The Strayban only has continuous mode
Power Sources 240 Power or 12V power and 4 'C' cell batteries as backup power 240 Power only
Power Cord Length Adapter with 2 metre cord , optional 10 and 20 metre 9V extension cords Only 4 metre

Before purchasing the Possum Deterrent consider where your power point is and where you need the device to be. Do you need the 9V 10metre extension cord?  They are a lot safer than a household extension cord because they are 9V and you cannot electrocute yourself. 


Important warning, please read:

There are a few websites & shopping like eBay selling cheaper (fake) alternatives of this Possum Deterrent. They've stolen graphics & text from our website and passing it off as their own. The ONLY places you can buy the Possum Deterrent is on this website, our eBay shop or by calling us direct: 07 5443 6344.

Brand:Bird Gard
Product Code:UPR
Availability:In Stock
Motion SensorAdjustable infrared motion sensor. Motion sensor range 14m - 60º vertical 110º horizontal
Dimension17cm L x 9cm W x 13.5cm H
Power Adapter240/9V Power Adaptor with 2m cord or 4 'C' cell batteries
Power ConsumptionMinimum 13 watts
Power Lead10m or 20m 9V Extension Cord
Sound Output
Frequency Range15KHz to 25KHz
Output PatternCone-Shaped
RangeMaximum range is 14m, 170º horizontal and 60º vertical. 10m is 170º horizontal and 60º vertical
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