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Rosella Control


Rosella Control

Bird Pest Control

February 12, 2015

There are 5 main rosella species to control that come in conflict with Australian farmers. Crimson Rosella (Platycercus elegans) – North Qld, south eastern seaboard from NSW/Qld border through to S.A Green Rosella (Platycercus caledonicus) – Tasmania Western Rosella (Platycercus icterotis) – South West W.A Eastern Rosella

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snake bike on a cat


Snake bites on cats: when nine lives can run on empty

Articles, Pest Control

April 27, 2018

While snake bites on cats are an unfortunately too common occurrence in Australia, the cat’s chances of survival are good, especially when given antivenom. Certain rural and urban areas are harbingers of snake bites.  Cats are most frequently bitten by the Eastern brown snake, tiger snake, death adder, copperhead, black snake and the

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buruli bairnsdale flesh eating ulcer


Possums, mosquitos and a growing instance of ulcers

Articles, Pest Control

June 13, 2017

Once again, the innocent-looking possum is the prime suspect: In the past five years, instances of a flesh-eating ulcer have …

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Cathy's rose bush saved by Possum Deterrent


Beautiful Roses Saved by Bird Gard Possum Deterrent!

Review, Testimonial

October 18, 2016

Customer Testimonial:  Cathy Wynne

I purchased two Possum Deterrent units to prevent my rose from  being completely ruined, writes

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Position Possum Deterrent


Ultrasonic Possum Deterrent Q&A

Articles, Pest Control

March 18, 2015

Q – How does the Possum Deterrent work?

The ultrasonic Possum Deterrent emits a random and intermittent array of almost …

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how to remove possums from a roof


How to remove possums from a roof

Articles, Pest Control

March 18, 2015

“How to get rid of possums from my roof” is a commonly asked question.  

Bird Gard have created an Ultrasonic

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