Pest Control Product FAQ’s

Would placing one at the entrance of a shed work in getting rid of and deterring snakes going into the shed and living there ?
Hi Alyson How well that would work is hard to say. Do the snakes have any other way of getting in and out of your shed, other than the entrance? If yes, then 1 snake repeller by the entrance could be only partially effective If the entrance is the only way in and out, having a device there is the logical spot, but how big is the shed? A big shed might need more than one device, and installing a device(s) inside the shed might be needed as well. Probably best to get our battery-powered snake deterrents for use inside a shed. Regards Bird Gard
Do Snake Repellers have any affect on dogs or chooks? We have two of each.

Hello Sally

The snake repellers are a harmless product. They repel snakes by sending a vibration through the ground. We don’t see this as a bother for chooks and have had no negative reports from existing customers about their chooks.

Bird Gard

Does the snake repeller emit a beeping noise?

Hi Pete

To make a vibration in the ground to scare away snakes, all snake repellers make a noise to make the vibration. Ours are quieter than most ( I have one 10 metres away from my bedroom window and I don’t notice it ), but the trick is to bury the shaft deep in the ground and compact the dirt around it. This will make the snake repeller more effective and significantly reduce the level of noise.

How many do I need for an area of 1000sqm

Hello Deb

Thanks for your question. The snake repellers would normally be installed along the perimeter of your block to form a barrier to snake entry. If your block was 50 metres long by 20 metres wide you would need a minimum of 4 but 6 would be better. You can also add additional units closer to your house like near any shed or near a clothesline or any entertainment area where children or yourself may gather.


Is there a special price for purchasing two units?

We have structured our prices so that multiple purchases are competitively priced for the market.

Do you have any questions?

Ask us anything about our pest control products and how to better pests from you home, garden, warehouse, office block, etc. we have over 21 years experience in humanely lettering Australian pests.