Pest Control Product FAQ’s

I have a dozen or so possums in the roof area…how can I use this device to get them all out…or will it work in the roof cavity and lastly will it affect my cats?
Hello Jacki The Vermin X and its smaller version the CEX work well against possums and fortunately have no effect on Cats. However, when on the possum setting both these devices make an audible sound you can hear, and this could be a problem for people. If the level of sound isn’t a problem at your place 1 x CEX with the extra speaker or 1 x Vermin X with its 4 speakers would defend your roof space well. Most people will use just one device, but if you have a divided, L shaped or cluttered roof space there is a greater probability that you will need a device or a speaker in each divided area. In a roof space, we normally use the Roof Off device or the larger 4 speaker ultrasonic device. When programmed for possums the Roof Off device won’t bother your cats, but the larger Ultrason could if the speakers had a line of sight with your pets, but this is unlikely if the speakers are inside the roof space. Two Roof Off devices or 1 x Ultrason device would be needed for divided roof space. If you have any other questions or wish to order just give us a call. Regards Bird Gard
What is the frequency range on C-medium with Vermin-X please?

Hello Gabrielle,

The C-medium mode ranges from 4 to 40 KHz

Bird Gard

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