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Our problem is with possums along the fence and eating our screening trees that line the fence. Therefore where is the best position to set up the unit. Can it go on the fence?
Hi Amanda Yes, you certainly can install the device on top of a fence. Sometimes it is the only way to stop possums from coming down the fenceline. Regards Bird Gard
I have possums in wall cavity, don’t know where/how they came thru. Can I set up the unit in the house or it has to be outside? Which unit would you recommend?

Hello Jenny

If you have possums in a wall cavity, you will need to put the device inside the roof space, which is where they are most likely using to get into your house. Unless you have a split level house or something like that where possums may have access under your house, any device would have to go into your roof space. It is the Roof Off device that we use inside roof cavities, Have a look at the Roof-off Possum Removal

Bird Gard

We have a small, walled, inner-city garden. As far as I can see, the possums are travelling along the top of our pergola, and along the top walls of the garden (about the same height). But I’m also concerned about the smaller plants actually in the garden. Where should I position the device? At the top of the walls, or closer to the ground?

Hi Naomi
For 90% of possum deterrent customers pointing the device at what you want to protect is what works best, so have the device down low. But, for 10% of customers pointing the device at where the possums come from is what works best, so you would have the device up high and in a manner that ensures they exposed to the direct line of sight with the device for as long as possible. At my own home, I had a problem similar to yours, and I put the possum deterrent down low, but it didn’t work. But like yourself, I had a high wall where the possums always came from, and in my situation, it was the only way they could come in. I installed the device up high to cover that spot and it worked straight away, and no more possums.

Hope that helps.

Bird Gard

Is the sensor light required to be on in order to repel the possums or does the sound work alone?

Hi Keith

The sensor light isn’t a deterrent in itself, but it does come on every time the device emits ultrasonics.

So yes it does need to come on to repel possums even though it doesn’t do much to repel possums itself, it’s the ultrasonics that repels possums.

Bird Gard

I have a dozen or so possums in the roof area…how can I use this device to get them all out…or will it work in the roof cavity and lastly will it affect my cats?

Hello Jacki

The Vermin X and its smaller version the CEX work well against possums and fortunately have no effect on Cats.
However, when on the possum setting both these devices make an audible sound you can hear, and this could be a problem for people.
If the level of sound isn’t a problem at your place 1 x CEX with the extra speaker or 1 x Vermin X with its 4 speakers would defend your roof space well.
Most people will use just one device, but if you have a divided, L shaped or cluttered roof space there is a greater probability that you will need a device or a speaker in each divided area.
In a roof space, we normally use the Roof Off device or the larger 4 speaker ultrasonic device.
When programmed for possums the Roof Off device won’t bother your cats, but the larger Ultrason could if the speakers had a line of sight with your pets, but this is unlikely if the speakers are inside the roof space.
Two Roof Off devices or 1 x Ultrason device would be needed for divided roof space.
If you have any other questions or wish to order just give us a call.

Bird Gard

Please could you advise as to whether the ‘Constant Night Mode’ means that when set to this, the ultrasonics (in addition to the light) will not work during the day?

Hello Jenny

There are two small switches on the back of the possum deterrent. If one switch is on the ” constant mode “, the device will randomly and intermittently emit ultrasonics. If the other switch is on ” night mode ” the device will automatically turn on at dusk and off again at dawn, so the device won’t be on during the day. Normally if you’re using the device outdoors to repel possums you won’t need the device on during the day, so we preprogram the device for Night Mode before we despatch. The light from the possum deterrent is better described as a small red glow. It comes on only when the possum deterrent emits its ultrasonics. If the device is programmed for night mode the small red glow won’t come on during the day.

Lets us know if you have any more questions

Regards Bird Gard

Your site says the adaptor is not waterproof. What exactly do you mean by that – is that the entire cord or the actual unit? We need to install ours on top of our roof as the possum and rats use it as a thoroughfare at the moment – right across our bedroom! This will mean the unit would be exposed to the elements.

Hello Ingrid

I have been overseas and have just noticed that we haven’t responded to your questions.

The Possum Deterrent can be used outside and so can the power cord. They are both weatherproof and installing the device on your roof isn’t a problem.

It is the adapter/transformer that plugs into a 240 power plug that isn’t weatherproof, so you do need a PowerPoint that is undercover so the adapter doesn’t get rained on.

The adapter has a 2 metre long power cord, and we have 10 and 20-metre extension cords that can be pushed onto the 2-metre cord of the adapter. These extension cords will allow you to get the device onto your roof

The 10 and 20-metre extensions cords are 9v so you cant electrocute yourself like you could with a normal 240v household extension cord, and they are thin like speaker cable. It is OK to use the 9v cords outdoors.

Regards Bird Gard

I have received 2 x Pestrol Possum Aways which look exactly like your Possum Deterrent. Neither one of these worked. One overheated the batteries within a minute and the other did not function properly. Are these the same device as yours? I am desperate to get something that works as possums are destroying my garden. The Pestrol device could work off mains or C Cell batteries alone.

Hi Lisa

Yes, it’s hard to tell them apart. The green plastic casing is used by many different manufacturers, it is what’s inside the device that differs. We alone have several of these devices that all look the same but they are used for different purposes. The possum deterrent is normally powered by 240 power, and also has the options of C Cell or 12v batteries. The possum deterrent has a high success rate and comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. You can purchase online or give us a call

Regards Bird Gard

What is the difference between the Possum Deterrent (205 dollars) and The Ultrasonic ‘Roof Off’ Possum Removal (235 dollars)? I have possums in my roof and garden.

Hi Alex

Both devices emit the same ultrasonics and can be used outdoors or inside a roof space. We prefer to use the Roof Off inside a roof space because it has the addition of a strobe light. The strobe light is an additional deterrent against possums and when used inside a roof space it won’t bother anyone like it might if used outdoors in the garden. It is possible to disengage the strobe light if you need to.

Does Possum Deterrent not produce audible sound to the humans at all such as high pitch electronic noise?

Thanks for your enquiry Ray

The possum deterrent emits some noise that most people could hear at close range in front of the device, but that is rarely a problem so the device is deemed quiet. The device also emits high-frequency sounds ( ultrasonics ) that most people don’t hear at all. However some people especially younger ones that have much better high-frequency hearing can hear the ultrasonics. Some scientists believe that possums would respond best to ultrasonics that is just above normal human hearing range, and this appears to be accurate from our results, unfortunately, that also means some people will hear it. There is also an optional loud alarm noise included with the device and on occasions, this is accidentally turned on by some customers, everyone will hear this noise so it is best switched off.

Bird Gard

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