Pest Control Product FAQ’s

Our problem is with possums along the fence and eating our screening trees that line the fence. Therefore where is the best position to set up the unit. Can it go on the fence?
Hi Amanda Yes, you certainly can install the device on top of a fence. Sometimes it is the only way to stop possums from coming down the fenceline. Regards Bird Gard
We have a small, walled, inner-city garden. As far as I can see, the possums are travelling along the top of our pergola, and along the top walls of the garden (about the same height). But I’m also concerned about the smaller plants actually in the garden. Where should I position the device? At the top of the walls, or closer to the ground?

Hi Naomi
For 90% of possum deterrent customers pointing the device at what you want to protect is what works best, so have the device down low. But, for 10% of customers pointing the device at where the possums come from is what works best, so you would have the device up high and in a manner that ensures they exposed to the direct line of sight with the device for as long as possible. At my own home, I had a problem similar to yours, and I put the possum deterrent down low, but it didn’t work. But like yourself, I had a high wall where the possums always came from, and in my situation, it was the only way they could come in. I installed the device up high to cover that spot and it worked straight away, and no more possums.

Hope that helps.

Bird Gard

Can the Solar Possum Repeller be turned on to emit constant ultrasonic sound?

Hi Jed

The Solar Possum Repeller is designed to be used on motion sensor mode only, so whenever the device detects movement it will emit ultrasonics. It does have the alternative option of emitting ultrasonics every 30 minutes, but that would be insufficient for most possum problems. The Possum Deterrent device is designed to emit ultrasonics in a more constant manner. This device randomly and intermittently emits ultrasonics, so there are some breaks in between ultrasonics ranging from 2 seconds and up to 2 minutes.

Bird Gard

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