Pest Control Product FAQ’s

Do you have different chips for different birds or different chips for variety to chase the birds
Hi Derek On the website, you will see 6 versions of the Bird Scarer, such as the Crow Repeller, Starling Repeller etc. All these devices have different sound chips to specifically target the said species. All up there are 70+ sound chips that can be pre-installed inside the bird scarer. Before any order just let us know what birds you want to repel and we can advise if we have a suitable sound chip. Regards Bird Gard
The problem possum attacks a tree where birds (small wrens and nectar feeders, blackbirds) are also plentiful. What’s the impact on birds?

Hi John

It is unlikely the possum devices will have any effect on the birds in your garden. Most birds aren’t bothered by ultrasonics and when your repelling possums the devices are only on at night time when the bird’s aren’t that active. The device has a light sensor so it will automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn.

Bird Gard

Does this work on cockatoos and rabbits?

Hi Tim

The possum deterrent is mostly used against possums, bandicoots and wallabies. It can work on Cockatoos, but how it is used to repel them isn’t effective against possums at the same time. We haven’t done enough work with the possum deterrent against rabbits to know for sure how well it works, but at this stage, we would say no it doesn’t. However, the CEX and Vermin X devices do work on possums, kangaroos and rabbits in the same setting, and can be used against Cockatoos. However, depending on what the cockatoos are doing the Eagle Kite might be a better choice against the Cockatoos. With the mix of problem species you have it would be best to discuss this over the phone, so feel free to call

Bird Gard

Hi I was just wondering if this also works for Indian miner birds

Hi Bernadette

Yes, you could use the Pigeon Deterrent against Indian Mynas, but the question is whether or not that device is suitable in your location, this is best discussed. If you have a commercial building the device could be suitable, if you have a domestic bird problem ide say definitely not suitable, and have a look at the Bird Repellent Gel and the Bird Repellent Eyes instead. Feel free to call us and discuss or send a contact email describing your bird problem in greater detail.

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