Pest Control Product FAQ’s

We have approx 200 m2 lawn/garden, & 100m2 garden on an upper level at the back, all getting torn up by bandicoots. We’ve neighbours each side but none behind us. Will the CEX be effective on the low sound setting? Would the medium sound setting cause a noise complaint? Or should we select the Possum Deterrent. What is your recommendation to cover the area we have effectively?
Hi Angela Have you ever heard the difference between the low and medium setting on the CEX?. It is the medium setting that works well against bandicoots, but it is a constant low-level noise. Any close neighbour and your own comfort for that matter do need to be considered. I have to guess your circumstances from what you have said, and I guess that protecting your front lawn/garden area with a CEX won’t be a good idea. But maybe your back area would be OK, this is best discussed. When the CEX device cant is used, we use the much quieter possum deterrent. The Possum Deterrent has a max range of 10 metres against bandicoots which is half the range of the CEX device. But if you need a quiet device the possum deterrent is our prefered device to repel bandicoots. Regards Bird Gard
I have a dozen or so possums in the roof area…how can I use this device to get them all out…or will it work in the roof cavity and lastly will it affect my cats?

Hello Jacki

The Vermin X and its smaller version the CEX work well against possums and fortunately have no effect on Cats.
However, when on the possum setting both these devices make an audible sound you can hear, and this could be a problem for people.
If the level of sound isn’t a problem at your place 1 x CEX with the extra speaker or 1 x Vermin X with its 4 speakers would defend your roof space well.
Most people will use just one device, but if you have a divided, L shaped or cluttered roof space there is a greater probability that you will need a device or a speaker in each divided area.
In a roof space, we normally use the Roof Off device or the larger 4 speaker ultrasonic device.
When programmed for possums the Roof Off device won’t bother your cats, but the larger Ultrason could if the speakers had a line of sight with your pets, but this is unlikely if the speakers are inside the roof space.
Two Roof Off devices or 1 x Ultrason device would be needed for divided roof space.
If you have any other questions or wish to order just give us a call.

Bird Gard

What sort of warranty / guarantee do you offer on this product please

Hello Carol

The CEX device comes with a 12-month warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Bird Gard

Is the device any good at getting rid of mice/rats in ceilings?

Hello Vicki

Yes, you can use the device to repel Rats and Mice. There are different settings to repel different critters and there is a setting for Rats and Mice. There are also several other devices you can use such as the CEX and the Electronic Mouse and Bat Repeller. It is always best to talk about any pest problem before purchase so feel free to call us to discuss.

Regards Bird Gard

I need something for huntsman spiders inside the house. Will this work? And which one do I get?

Hello Thelma

We use the CEX that you have looked at to repel Spiders. The CEX has different settings to repel different critters and there is a setting especially for spiders. It works over a period of time and they learn to stay away from the area being defended.

Need the CEX Unit or speaker under cover (rain protected)?

Hi Harald

The CEX has been used outdoors in the rain for many years, but we don’t call it weatherproof and for the sake of longevity it is best to give it some protection from direct rain. The add on the extra speaker is weatherproof and rain isn’t a problem

Bird Gard

Does it work on domestic ducks?

Hi Garry
We have never tried the CEX against Ducks, but I think it would be unlikely to repel them. We use products like the Eagle Kite and the Seagull and Duck Repeller to repel Ducks. You will see these on our website. Alternatively feel free to call and discuss.

How high should the unit be placed to control a wallaby that enters the garden some nights?

Hi Annette

The main strength of an ultrasonic device is directly in front of the device. As a rule of thumb point the device at the area you want to protect or where the Wallabies enter. Ideally, the device is at the head height of the wallaby but that can differ pending on the age of the animal and their posture at the time, so have the device at the chest height of the average wallaby.

Does it affect birds?

Yes, in some situations it can repel swallows and pigeons whereas other birds such as Indian Mynahs are not bothered by it all.

Will I hear it if I put it in my ceiling?

Ultrasonics do not penetrate solid objects so if you are using the unit in your ceiling space to get rid of possums, you will not hear it in the rooms below.

Do you have any questions?

Ask us anything about our pest control products and how to better pests from you home, garden, warehouse, office block, etc. we have over 21 years experience in humanely lettering Australian pests.