Pest Control Product FAQ’s

Do you have different chips for different birds or different chips for variety to chase the birds
Hi Derek On the website, you will see 6 versions of the Bird Scarer, such as the Crow Repeller, Starling Repeller etc. All these devices have different sound chips to specifically target the said species. All up there are 70+ sound chips that can be pre-installed inside the bird scarer. Before any order just let us know what birds you want to repel and we can advise if we have a suitable sound chip. Regards Bird Gard
I have starlings in my roof space and want the bastards gone, they are above my bedroom in hard to reach places. How noisy is your starling scarer and will it keep me awake at night. What area does it protect and how many units would I require?

Hi Dave

Yes, the starling repeller is loud, and if installed in your roof and operated at night it would likely keep you awake. What you are trying to achieve is possible but playing it all night operation isn’t likely. Depending on how big your roof is the device, and maybe the extra speaker is all you would need. Some people have also installed the device outside where the starlings where know to get in, that can work too. I recall another fella who had to listen to nesting starlings scratching on his bedroom ceiling every night when trying to sleep. He used the Eagle Kite ( on our website ) and his starling problem ended the day he installed it.

Regards Bird Gard

Do you have any questions?

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