Pest Control Product FAQ’s

Do you have different chips for different birds or different chips for variety to chase the birds
Hi Derek On the website, you will see 6 versions of the Bird Scarer, such as the Crow Repeller, Starling Repeller etc. All these devices have different sound chips to specifically target the said species. All up there are 70+ sound chips that can be pre-installed inside the bird scarer. Before any order just let us know what birds you want to repel and we can advise if we have a suitable sound chip. Regards Bird Gard
I have a problem with swallows roosting in my boarding kennel business. Would this be effective in reducing this issue without impacting the dogs in my care?

Hi Peter

Ultrasonics does have some effect on dogs, so maybe yes it might bother them. However, the device needs to be installed up high where the birds are and this can minimise or eliminate the effect on dogs. It will depend on how high your ceilings are. If your thinking of buying on-line do give us a call first.

Regards Bird Gard

Can I use this for underneath my verandah area and when is the best time to play it?

Yes, you can but do understand the swallow repeller does make audible bird sounds that you can hear such as swallow distress calls, so neighbours may need to be considered.

If the swallows are present all day long play the device as often as you can during the day, or if the swallows come in late in the afternoon ensure the device is on before that and played up to 8pm.

Do you have any questions?

Ask us anything about our pest control products and how to better pests from you home, garden, warehouse, office block, etc. we have over 21 years experience in humanely lettering Australian pests.