Pest Control Product FAQ’s

How is the Eagle Kite telescopic pole mounted to the ground?
Hello Larry We don’t have a weighted base plate, but we do have a ground stake. This stake is basically a metal tube that the Kite pole slips into, and a length of angle iron welded onto the bottom of the tube that can be banged into the ground. You could do this at the beach but do use the smaller Bird Gard Kite if you are installing the Kite into the sand as the larger Eagle Kite has a much greater surface area and thus wind resistance and might be too heavy for a sand-based installation. Regards Bird Gard
Does the standard harassment chip do all the birds claimed and is it audible to humans. Will the neighbors be disturbed.

Hi Colin
Yes, the standard Harassment chip can be used on all those birds listed, BUT to do that it does need to be LOUD and it is audible to humans. If your neighbours are close, yes they would be disturbed. If you need a silent defence have a look at the Eagle Kite and the Holographic tape, This combination of products works quite well.

Bird Gard

Does it work on domestic ducks?

Hi Garry
We have never tried the CEX against Ducks, but I think it would be unlikely to repel them. We use products like the Eagle Kite and the Seagull and Duck Repeller to repel Ducks. You will see these on our website. Alternatively feel free to call and discuss.

I have a problem with white tail black cockatoos in my macadamia crop. Will this work with them?

Hi Bill

The Eagle Kite has worked very well against white Cockatoos with big ranges in all sorts of situations, the black Cockatoos are however harder to repel. Last season a lot of work with the Eagle Kite against Blacks in macadamias was done. As suspected not as good against them compared to the whites and with some mixed results. Unlike with the whites, with black cockies we would advise to move the Kite around and do not necessarily use it every day so to maintain the realism of the Eagle Kite. If you use the Eagle Kite it is best to have the Kite as high above your crop canopy as you can. Our tallest telescopic pole is 7.5 metres, some growers attach our pole to one of their own makings to get the Kite higher.  We don’t have all of the last seasons results in yet, but ide say overall worth it but not for everyone.

I have starlings in my roof space and want the bastards gone, they are above my bedroom in hard to reach places. How noisy is your starling scarer and will it keep me awake at night. What area does it protect and how many units would I require?

Hi Dave

Yes, the starling repeller is loud, and if installed in your roof and operated at night it would likely keep you awake. What you are trying to achieve is possible but playing it all night operation isn’t likely. Depending on how big your roof is the device, and maybe the extra speaker is all you would need. Some people have also installed the device outside where the starlings where know to get in, that can work too. I recall another fella who had to listen to nesting starlings scratching on his bedroom ceiling every night when trying to sleep. He used the Eagle Kite ( on our website ) and his starling problem ended the day he installed it.

Regards Bird Gard

what happens to the kite when the wind is not blowing the seagulls will come and land when the kite is not flying? how high is the kite flying – thanks for answering my queries you may recall I phoned you following the notice in the advertiser newspaper we have a swimming pool with a tiled ledge that the seagulls just love to use as a toilet

Hi Susan

Yes, I remember you from the other day. Most people ask this question. We have sold hundreds of these Kites and they are used in hundreds of locations throughout Australia and New Zealand. In all these locations, sometimes there isn’t any wind, but the Kites still work. Having said that they will always work better when they are flying around and fortunately they only need a slight breeze to get them going. A much greater problem is too much wind, that’s what you really have to watch out for. Do take down the KItes on days of bad weather or when it is really windy.

Regards Darren

Hi – would you consider this suitable for use in an open retail environment near the coast, southern nsw? Say, installed on the roof of small shopping complex to deter seagulls from outdoor cafe area & covered dome area?

Hi Nicky

For a typical outdoor cafe area, I would say don’t buy the Seagull and Duck scarer. It works but it makes loud sounds that might annoy people. If it was installed on a solid roof and some metres away from the edge of the roof, you may be able to use it, but it would be best to send me some photos of the area just to be sure. To silent repel Seagulls from a cafe environment we use the Bird Gard Kite, it has worked well and is practical to use. See the Bird Gard Kite on our website.

Regards Darren

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