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I have possums in wall cavity, don’t know where/how they came thru. Can I set up the unit in the house or it has to be outside? Which unit would you recommend?
Hello Jenny If you have possums in a wall cavity, you will need to put the device inside the roof space, which is where they are most likely using to get into your house. Unless you have a split level house or something like that where possums may have access under your house, any device would have to go into your roof space. It is the Roof Off device that we use inside roof cavities, Have a look at the Roof-off Possum Removal Regards Bird Gard
I might have rats or possums living in the roof above my bedroom but I am not sure which or it may be both. Does this device work for both rats and possums? If we are successful in removing them, do you recommend to get the professional come over to check entry point so that we can seal it off? Or we should just leave the device inside the roof?

Hi Jocelyn

The Roof Off device is more often used against possum but can also be used against rats. The device has different settings for different critters, and for example, there is a setting for possums and a different setting for rats. This means it would repel one species at a time. But there is also another setting that could be described as a mixture of both settings so as to target both possums and rats.

Another device called the CEX has one setting that repels both possums and rats. The CEX is the prefered device to repel both possums and rats at the same time but it does make a low-level sound you can hear. It is best to call us to discuss your circumstances and listen to this device over the phone before purchasing.

Bird Gard

I have possums in my roof – can I place the anti possum unit in the roof void?

Hello Michael

Burning down a house is my worst nightmare. We have been using 12v devices like the CEX since 1992 and haven’t burnt down a house yet. The CEX has been used inside roof spaces to repel possums and rats for many years. The CEX has the longest range against possums and rats but it also emits a low-level audible sound you can hear. In some roof spaces, this won’t be a problem for people, but in others, it could be. Always best to give us a call prior to buying anything online as we might recommend the Roof Off device instead of the CEX. The Roof Off is much quieter compared to the CEX.

Bird Gard

I have a dozen or so possums in the roof area…how can I use this device to get them all out…or will it work in the roof cavity and lastly will it affect my cats?

Hello Jacki

The Vermin X and its smaller version the CEX work well against possums and fortunately have no effect on Cats.
However, when on the possum setting both these devices make an audible sound you can hear, and this could be a problem for people.
If the level of sound isn’t a problem at your place 1 x CEX with the extra speaker or 1 x Vermin X with its 4 speakers would defend your roof space well.
Most people will use just one device, but if you have a divided, L shaped or cluttered roof space there is a greater probability that you will need a device or a speaker in each divided area.
In a roof space, we normally use the Roof Off device or the larger 4 speaker ultrasonic device.
When programmed for possums the Roof Off device won’t bother your cats, but the larger Ultrason could if the speakers had a line of sight with your pets, but this is unlikely if the speakers are inside the roof space.
Two Roof Off devices or 1 x Ultrason device would be needed for divided roof space.
If you have any other questions or wish to order just give us a call.

Bird Gard

I am planning to use the Roof off Possum Deterrent outside as we have possums in our trees. However it might be too much to have the strobe on every night once the possums are gone. Can I switch the light off or should I buy the cheaper version?


It is possible to disengage the strobe light, and you will need a Phillips head screwdriver, but best I explain how to do that over the phone.

Regards Bird Gard

What is the difference between the Possum Deterrent (205 dollars) and The Ultrasonic ‘Roof Off’ Possum Removal (235 dollars)? I have possums in my roof and garden.

Hi Alex

Both devices emit the same ultrasonics and can be used outdoors or inside a roof space. We prefer to use the Roof Off inside a roof space because it has the addition of a strobe light. The strobe light is an additional deterrent against possums and when used inside a roof space it won’t bother anyone like it might if used outdoors in the garden. It is possible to disengage the strobe light if you need to.

Is this weather proof and suitable for outside?

Hi Stephen
You can use the Roof Off outside in the weather, that’s OK, but it does have a flashing strobe light. We normally use this light as an additional deterrent against possum inside a roof space where no one will see it. Some people do use it outdoors and that’s OK, but some people don’t like the flashing strobe light in their garden.

Bird Gard

I have possums in the roof space (L Shaped) and they sleep in the brick veneer external wall cavity at various locations e.g. kitchen, lounge, bathroom, bedroom. I realise that I would require two (2) units to satisfactorily cover the roof space but will these deter the possums from entering/re-entering the wall cavity locations? I also have pet cats which are kept indoors at night. Will they be adversely affected by the possum activated operation of the roof space mounted units?

Hi John

In a roof space, we downplay the max range to 10 metres. As you understand ultrasonics won’t go around corners so with an L shaped roof space you will need a minimum of 2 devices to cover the entire roof space. The ultrasonics won’t penetrate walls, ceilings etc so Pets inside your house won’t be affected. I a roof space operate the devices 24/7.

Regards Darren

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