Pest Control Product FAQ’s

I have received 2 x Pestrol Possum Aways which look exactly like your Possum Deterrent. Neither one of these worked. One overheated the batteries within a minute and the other did not function properly. Are these the same device as yours? I am desperate to get something that works as possums are destroying my garden. The Pestrol device could work off mains or C Cell batteries alone.
Hi Lisa Yes, it’s hard to tell them apart. The green plastic casing is used by many different manufacturers, it is what’s inside the device that differs. We alone have several of these devices that all look the same but they are used for different purposes. The possum deterrent is normally powered by 240 power, and also has the options of C Cell or 12v batteries. The possum deterrent has a high success rate and comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. You can purchase online or give us a call Regards Bird Gard
Is the device any good at getting rid of mice/rats in ceilings?

Hello Vicki

Yes, you can use the device to repel Rats and Mice. There are different settings to repel different critters and there is a setting for Rats and Mice. There are also several other devices you can use such as the CEX and the Electronic Mouse and Bat Repeller. It is always best to talk about any pest problem before purchase so feel free to call us to discuss.

Regards Bird Gard

I need something for huntsman spiders inside the house. Will this work? And which one do I get?

Hello Thelma

We use the CEX that you have looked at to repel Spiders. The CEX has different settings to repel different critters and there is a setting especially for spiders. It works over a period of time and they learn to stay away from the area being defended.

What is the difference between the Possum Deterrent (205 dollars) and The Ultrasonic ‘Roof Off’ Possum Removal (235 dollars)? I have possums in my roof and garden.

Hi Alex

Both devices emit the same ultrasonics and can be used outdoors or inside a roof space. We prefer to use the Roof Off inside a roof space because it has the addition of a strobe light. The strobe light is an additional deterrent against possums and when used inside a roof space it won’t bother anyone like it might if used outdoors in the garden. It is possible to disengage the strobe light if you need to.

The problem possum attacks a tree where birds (small wrens and nectar feeders, blackbirds) are also plentiful. What’s the impact on birds?

Hi John

It is unlikely the possum devices will have any effect on the birds in your garden. Most birds aren’t bothered by ultrasonics and when your repelling possums the devices are only on at night time when the bird’s aren’t that active. The device has a light sensor so it will automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn.

Bird Gard

Need the CEX Unit or speaker under cover (rain protected)?

Hi Harald

The CEX has been used outdoors in the rain for many years, but we don’t call it weatherproof and for the sake of longevity it is best to give it some protection from direct rain. The add on the extra speaker is weatherproof and rain isn’t a problem

Bird Gard

Does the standard harassment chip do all the birds claimed and is it audible to humans. Will the neighbors be disturbed.

Hi Colin
Yes, the standard Harassment chip can be used on all those birds listed, BUT to do that it does need to be LOUD and it is audible to humans. If your neighbours are close, yes they would be disturbed. If you need a silent defence have a look at the Eagle Kite and the Holographic tape, This combination of products works quite well.

Bird Gard

Does this work on cockatoos and rabbits?

Hi Tim

The possum deterrent is mostly used against possums, bandicoots and wallabies. It can work on Cockatoos, but how it is used to repel them isn’t effective against possums at the same time. We haven’t done enough work with the possum deterrent against rabbits to know for sure how well it works, but at this stage, we would say no it doesn’t. However, the CEX and Vermin X devices do work on possums, kangaroos and rabbits in the same setting, and can be used against Cockatoos. However, depending on what the cockatoos are doing the Eagle Kite might be a better choice against the Cockatoos. With the mix of problem species you have it would be best to discuss this over the phone, so feel free to call

Bird Gard

Does Possum Deterrent not produce audible sound to the humans at all such as high pitch electronic noise?

Thanks for your enquiry Ray

The possum deterrent emits some noise that most people could hear at close range in front of the device, but that is rarely a problem so the device is deemed quiet. The device also emits high-frequency sounds ( ultrasonics ) that most people don’t hear at all. However some people especially younger ones that have much better high-frequency hearing can hear the ultrasonics. Some scientists believe that possums would respond best to ultrasonics that is just above normal human hearing range, and this appears to be accurate from our results, unfortunately, that also means some people will hear it. There is also an optional loud alarm noise included with the device and on occasions, this is accidentally turned on by some customers, everyone will hear this noise so it is best switched off.

Bird Gard

Does the snake repeller emit a beeping noise?

Hi Pete

To make a vibration in the ground to scare away snakes, all snake repellers make a noise to make the vibration. Ours are quieter than most ( I have one 10 metres away from my bedroom window and I don’t notice it ), but the trick is to bury the shaft deep in the ground and compact the dirt around it. This will make the snake repeller more effective and significantly reduce the level of noise.

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