Pest Control Product FAQ’s

I have solar panels under my TV antenna. I am constantly cleaning the panels. Would the Bird gel work if I placed the gel on the solar panels or do I have to put the gel on the TV antenna itself. Thanks
Hi Mark If you have birds sitting on the antenna, do put the Gel on the antenna. If birds are going under the solar panel to nest ( Pigeons like doing this ) put the Gel on the roof directly under the solar panels and all the way around the panels. If you have any gel left apply to the frame of the solar panels especially the high point. Regards Darren
How high should the unit be placed to control a wallaby that enters the garden some nights?

Hi Annette

The main strength of an ultrasonic device is directly in front of the device. As a rule of thumb point the device at the area you want to protect or where the Wallabies enter. Ideally, the device is at the head height of the wallaby but that can differ pending on the age of the animal and their posture at the time, so have the device at the chest height of the average wallaby.

How heavy is the bird repellent eyes? is it plastic made? What is the effective life?

Hi Becky

The Bird Repellent Eyes weighs just 20 grammes, yes its made of plastic that contains a special ingredient that emits the UV glow when exposed to sunlight. Sunlight also slowly breaks down the special ingredient so it lasts up to 12 months.

Hi, we have pigeons nesting under our solar panels. Would this gel be applied to the roof, around the perimeter of the panels to stop them crawling underneath? The total perimeter is 50sqm, so would you envisage having to use 5 tubes?

Hi Tim

Yes, apply the Gel on the roof, directly under the solar panel and all the way around them. Most people will do close spiralling circles or wavy lines. Do make sure that any Pigeon nesting material is removed from under the solar panel. To apply the Gel thickly say 10 to 15 mm wide to get the longest life span. 5 tubes sound about right. If you have any left put in on the high points of the solar panel frame.

I have possums in the roof space (L Shaped) and they sleep in the brick veneer external wall cavity at various locations e.g. kitchen, lounge, bathroom, bedroom. I realise that I would require two (2) units to satisfactorily cover the roof space but will these deter the possums from entering/re-entering the wall cavity locations? I also have pet cats which are kept indoors at night. Will they be adversely affected by the possum activated operation of the roof space mounted units?

Hi John

In a roof space, we downplay the max range to 10 metres. As you understand ultrasonics won’t go around corners so with an L shaped roof space you will need a minimum of 2 devices to cover the entire roof space. The ultrasonics won’t penetrate walls, ceilings etc so Pets inside your house won’t be affected. I a roof space operate the devices 24/7.

Regards Darren

I have a small lemon tree on the corner of the house that is being devastated by possums. Can I install the PD basically above the tree pointing down. I feel this is the best option as mounting it on either side of the house means I will loose some coverage.

Hi Bruce

That would be an unusual way of doing it, but if it works that’s all that matters. There is no technical issue that prevents you from doing that, but do note the small hole that is on the bottom of the device where the power cord goes through, normally it would be under the device when installed so do give that hole a bit of extra protection as a precaution. Allow up to 3 weeks for it to take full effect.

Regards Darren

Just wanted to find out if this product could be used on top of a glass pool fence to avoid the birds sitting on them n dirtying it. How long does one application last for??

Hi Candy

If applied thickly the Bird Gel can last up to 2 years. It is water-resistant so won’t wash off in the rain, and can handle temperatures of over 80 Celsius so shouldn’t melt in the sun.

The only issue I see in your application is how high your pool fence is?

The bird gel is sticky stuff and its best not to install it in any location where people might have inadvertent contact with it.

Hi, this looks perfect for me. Does the motion sensor get set off by any type of movement ie the trees rustling in the wind? Also what are mounting options, is it just screw fixed with adjustable bracket?

Hi Geoff

Yes, any movement will set off the motion sensor. However when repelling possums its best to use the constant setting. On constant, the motion sensor is deactivated and the device randomly and intermittently emits the ultrasonics. The light sensor will also turn the device on at dusk and off at dawn. There isn’t a bracket, but on the back lid, there are 2 keyhole indentations that allow the device to be hooked on to screws or nails etc.

Regards Darren

Hi – would you consider this suitable for use in an open retail environment near the coast, southern nsw? Say, installed on the roof of small shopping complex to deter seagulls from outdoor cafe area & covered dome area?

Hi Nicky

For a typical outdoor cafe area, I would say don’t buy the Seagull and Duck scarer. It works but it makes loud sounds that might annoy people. If it was installed on a solid roof and some metres away from the edge of the roof, you may be able to use it, but it would be best to send me some photos of the area just to be sure. To silent repel Seagulls from a cafe environment we use the Bird Gard Kite, it has worked well and is practical to use. See the Bird Gard Kite on our website.

Regards Darren

I live in a high-rise and experience problems with crows and magpies landing on our balcony balustrades which are powder coated white. Would you’re product be suitable for this scenario and once applied what colour does it appear, and how is it removed if needed. Any other relevant info particular to my situation would be useful. Would there be any issues with people putting their hands on the balustrades after its been applied.

Hi Rob

Thanks for your enquiry

1 ) I wouldn’t put the Bird Gel anywhere where people might have inadvertent contact with it. It doesn’t hurt but its sticky, and if you get it on your hands you’ll have to wash them twice to remove it. So not a good substance to get on good clothes especially

2 ) Once applied to any surface all bird gel products will go the colour of the local dust.

3 ) The Bird Gel seems impervious to heavy torrential rain, and unlike other birds that need a solvent to remove you can use water and soap/detergent to remove.

4 ) fresh Bird Gel is easy enough to remove, but if it’s been there for a while most of it will decay away but it can leave a black residue. The residue can be removed with water and soap/detergent but can take some elbow grease as well and the extra rubbing required to get it off can itself mark some painted surfaces. Metal surfaces appear to be the least affected by this. You can use that cloth-lined waterproof duct tape to put on the area to be protected and then put the gel on that to ease removal of the gel from pitted or uneven surfaces.

As a silent alternative to the Bird Gel to repel Magpies and Crows there is only the Bird Repellent Eyes to repel Crows.

Do you have any questions?

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